There are two ways to heli-ski with us

You’re expecting a safe, high-quality and truly epic backcountry experience, delivered by industry veterans in a fun, above-the-bar professional atmosphere. That’s what we do.

Two ways to heli-ski with us:




5 Runs

2017/18 Season Single-day rate Multi-day rate
Regular Season
December 16 – January 31
$1249 $1179/day
Peak Season
February 1 – March 15
$1399 $1329/day
Regular Season
March 16 – April 8
$1249 $1179/day

Group size: 9 guests, 3 guides
Includes: Five heli-ski runs, helicopter flights, custom guide service, safety equipment, powder ski and pole or snowboard rental, powder-ski instruction, packed lunch, après-ski platter, heli-ski/board keepsake.
Optional Extras
$100 / Extra Run / Person


Questions? Want to book? Call us. 1-877-HELI-SKI or


For one day or many, join a group for an unforgettable day of first tracks and fresh backcountry powder.

Our innovative program is unique in the industry, offering in-the-field group customization and the best guide-to-guest ratio out there to give you the freedom to ski at your pace. We adapt to you.

Our groups are made up of 9 guests and 3 guides, and all 12 fly out to the terrain together. Once we’ve started skiing, the group can be split according to participant ability, so we can form mini-groups, each with their own guide, plus a tail guide for sweep and safety. No waiting for those that are too slow for you; or, no pressure from those faster than you.

Wondering what’s the appropriate ability level? Check out our heli-ski ability recommendations here.

It’s a full day program starting with a concise but thorough safety orientation, then a thrilling flight takes you to our massive operating area where you’ll ski/ride five runs of fresh tracks in backcountry heaven. Five may not be enough!

Do you match according to ability?

YES! We are the only heli-ski operator that can, within a single-day trip, match guests according to ability and deliver a customized experience in a flexible, high guide-to-guest ratio group.

Our program includes 3 guides and 9 guests, which gives us the ability to split the group once we’re out in the ski terrain if needed, to allow faster skiers and riders to go ahead, while those who wish to move slower can do so, with the guide attention and assistance as they need.

By starting with a larger group and including enough guides to manage a split, we can use a faster and more efficient Bell 205 helicopter to do all the flying, and we can adjust the grouping all through the day as needed.

If three people are fast, and six are somewhat slower, that’s how we’ll split. If eight people are fast and one needs more attention, that’s how we’ll split. Every day is different, and we adapt to you.

Does the group always split?

The purpose of splitting the group is to cope with ability variation, which is very common and makes a big impact on your enjoyment of the day. If there isn’t any ability variation, though, there’s no need to split. If everyone is moving at the same pace and at the same level, harmony reigns! Overall, splitting will be more common than not, as ability variation is the rule, not the exception.

Will there always be a guide behind me?

If you need one, yes. And even if you’re part of the faster sub-group, the slower folks and their guide(s) are coming behind to sweep. All guides are in close communication by radio throughout every run, to manage logistics, guest experience and safety. If we’re concerned that you will need a lot of assistance, we’ll keep a guide close behind. The majority of the heli-ski industry does not employ tail guides, so having three per group is a big step above the rest in terms of personal attention and care.

Will we be on different, more aggressive terrain than less advanced guests?

The entire group will be on the same run, for safety reasons, so all our guide resources are close together. However, one run can include a lot of variety, and covers a large area. Within that one run, the choice of ski line can be catered to the ability of the group (including optional airs and steeper sections) if the avalanche stability allows. As long as it’s safe, we’ll do our best to keep everyone challenged and entertained.

Will we lift ahead of slow people?

If you’re significantly ahead, yes. If the other sub-group is within view and coming right behind, it makes most sense to wait a few minutes and lift together. But if they’re not on your tail, up and away! We’ll keep your pace moving and get on with the next run.

Can’t you just screen people by ability ahead of time?

You’d be surprised how difficult this really is. We can ask people about their ability and experience level ahead of time, but after 40 years of experience, we can tell you that it’s an unreliable way to go about it. Vague vocabulary, combined with different backgrounds and confidence levels produces very different results from the very same words. Two people could describe themselves very similarly, but in reality (and on-slope) be very different. Ability is made up of a wide range of attributes, including fitness, technique, attitude, confidence and comfort level. Your technique in your home environment is only a small part of the picture. We’d rather be set up to be adaptable enough to deliver the best experience to everyone, rather than starting the booking process with an interrogation that still can’t produce a match!

Can we book our own group and not be mixed with others?

Sure thing. Check out our Exclusive program right below.


5 Runs

 2017/18 Season Single-day rate Multi-day rate
Regular Season
December 16 – January 31
$9900 $9300/day
Peak Season
February 1 – March 15
$10,900 $10,200/day
Regular Season
March 16 – April 8
$9900 $9300/day

Rate is divided by up to 10 participants to get your per person price.

Group size: Determined by you (max 10) plus 2 guides
Includes: Five heli-ski runs, helicopter flights, private guide service, safety equipment, powder ski and pole or snowboard rental, powder-ski instruction, packed lunch, apres-ski platter, heli-ski/board keepsake.
Optional Extras
$100 / Extra Run / Person


Questions? Want to book? Call us. 1-877-HELI-SKI or


The Exclusive program invites you to hand-pick your own heli crew and have a private experience. You form a group of any size from two to ten, and if that leaves any seats in the heli empty, they stay empty. Two private guides are ready to challenge you and show you the goods!

The helicopter is not for your private use, and so will be lifting the other group when you’re not in need of one. You’ll hardly notice though: we’ve had a ton of practice at keeping logistics smooth. You’ll meet up with the other group at lunchtime, but otherwise will be heli-skiing privately with just your buddies at your pace.

A simple flat rate allows you to work with your budget and adjust the per person rate by adding more friends. Or, keep it small as you like. Just take the single-day or multi-day rate and divide it by the number of participants to get your per person rate.

Got a group who have been dreaming of their own heli-skiing adventure? This is the way to do it. Enjoy the next level!

How many people can be in our group?

An Exclusive group can be as many as 10 participants. You decide the number up to there. The more people you include, the more people sharing the same flat rate, so the per person rate comes down.

How does the pricing work?

The cost is a flat rate for the entire group. You split that amongst however many people you bring with you. If you fill all 10 seats available, there are more people to share the cost, so the per person rate is a steal. The fewer people in the group, the more it costs per person. We leave it up to you to decide so you can find the balance of numbers/pricing that works for you. Each participant pays a $500/person/day booking deposit, then the final balance is due eight weeks prior.

Can we expect more aggressive terrain as an Exclusive group?

Maybe. Avalanche conditions are the number one decider of terrain, no matter what kind of group you have. Your guides will provide the most interesting terrain possible, given the conditions and ability of the group. It’s generally easier to move to more advanced terrain when the entire group is on the same page.

My group of friends aren’t all at the same level. Can you split us?

We assume that an Exclusive group is built around cohesion. You choose people you want to ski with, so we aim to keep you together. If you know some are not at your level, and you won’t be happy waiting for them, you’re better off going Custom Group with three guides.

A Typical Day

8:15am Meet time for all guests.
8:15am – 10:00am Safety orientation, transceiver practice and rental ski setup.
10:00am Lift-off of first group to heli-ski area.
10:00am – 12:30pm Ski!
12:30pm Lunch, eaten in the great outdoors
12:30pm – 3:30pm More skiing!
3:30pm – 4:30pm Complete package and extra runs, if desired, and return by helicopter to base.
4:30pm – 5:30pm Relax by the fire, enjoy an après-ski snack, share photos, stories, and a few laughs.


Our goal is to make the reservations process informative and straightforward. We will always take the time to discuss your particular situation and answer your questions. Simply contact us to get started planning your heli-ski experience!


A $500 non-refundable booking deposit per seat, per day, is required to confirm your seat. The remaining balance is due four weeks prior to guest arrival. For reservations made within four weeks of the ski date, full payment is due at the time of booking to confirm your seat. Bookings can be made by telephone or through email. Please contact us for availability requests and further information.


Purcell Heli-Skiing lists, charges and refunds (if applicable) fees in Canadian dollars exclusively. PHS is not responsible for fluctuations in currency exchange rates related to those transactions.


If you have to cancel for any reason, including illness or injury, you will be subject to the following policies: DAILY PACKAGES: For any booking, $500 per seat is non-refundable from the time confirmed. Once within one week (7 days) of guest arrival, package fees are 100% non-refundable in the case of guest cancellation. EXCLUSIVE and MULTI-DAY PACKAGES: For any booking, $500 per seat, per day, is non-refundable from the time confirmed. Once within eight weeks of guest arrival, package fees are 100% non-refundable in the case of guest cancellation. These policies will be applied strictly – We strongly recommend travel insurance to protect you from loss should unforeseen circumstances force you to cancel your heli-ski booking. Medical evacuation costs, if required, are the responsibility of the skier/boarder.
NO FLY DAYS: If poor weather on your heli-ski day prohibits safe flight, we will first attempt to reschedule your reservation to an alternate day in your holiday. If this is not possible, all guests will receive a full refund. Refunds are processed in the same method as original payment. PARTIALLY SKIED DAYS: Rarely, we are forced to cut the day short due to deteriorating weather conditions or other variables. Partially completed packages are charged according to the following guidelines: You will be refunded 10% of the total per day cost for each run lost. Partial refunds are processed in the same method as original payment.

Exclusion of Liability / Assumption of Risks

Safety is our prime concern. Our guides and pilots do their best to keep their guests from exposure to potential hazards. However, risks associated with heli-skiing cannot be entirely eliminated. Guests must acknowledge this fact and are required to sign a release of liability / acceptance of risks agreement in the morning prior to heli-skiing. Copies of this agreement are available from our office or by clicking here. ×