Make Prices Make sense. 

You may have noticed: It is NOT easy to compare all the different heli-skiing packages you can buy out there.

Small group, smaller group, runs, vertical metres, private, semi-private, lodging, no frills, unlimited, single-day, multi-day….

Yikes. Can we just break it down and compare clearly?

We've been selling heli-skiing for 45 years now, and we know what you're up against in trying to make the right decision.

People like you are all trying to do the same thing: get a handle of what you should even ask about. What makes these packages different from one another – and how are those things are going to affect your experience?

We created this guide so you can make sense of the variability, since we can't smooth it out.

Why does this package cost more than that one? We'll show you why. 
This guide will give you:
  • the key factors that will affect the pricing of a heli-ski package – the variables that make one option pricier or less pricey than another
  • what to ask as you’re shopping, and what’s at stake for each
  • a worksheet to track your research into different operations


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