1January 2021

You’ve trained for this.

Jeff is a sucker for a sunroof.

The rule is, anywhere we are in the world, if we’re in the mountains, and the vehicle has a sunroof, I’m driving.

I never have to worry about him texting and driving. The screen doesn’t hold much sway.

But the view through the sunroof of the lines that look skiable? Oh my. He can’t look away.

“Do you think that line goes? Ohh, it looks like it goes, right?”

As he leans into me, points across me, and squints into the sky, he’s doing what he’s been trained for.

He’s being a skier.

It’s a skier who says,

“The forecast is for 15cm overnight, but you know, I bet it’ll be closer to 20.”

It’s a skier who will drive through rain up the road to the resort, convinced that the gain in elevation will be just enough to get into the snow.

It’s a skier who wakes up on a powder day and thinks if they get there early enough, maybe today there won’t be a line at the gondola.

At the heart of it is one question:

How good could it be?

You stand at the top of the pitch rubbing your hands together, about to drop in, thinking…. how good could it be?

The time has come to say goodbye (and good riddance) to a difficult, difficult year.

And when it comes to 2021, a new year that’s under more pressure than any in recent memory to be better than the one before, some of us need to try asking that question.

To help each other dream of the first chair and the fresh 40.

How good could it be?

Just put your skis on, or strap on your board, and remember what you’ve trained for.

If you just never took your skis off, maybe you’d be unstoppable.

And if you’re dreaming about heli-skiing next winter, and you’re wondering how good could it be?

I’ll spoil it for you. It could be VERY, VERY good.








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