18October 2016

You gotta see this new video… cause we were Born For This.

It was classic December conditions. The temps were cold and the snow was light.

The definition of Blower Pow was born on days like this.

The sun was nowhere in sight, yet no one was wishing the clouds would part. Let! It! Snow!

And it did. It just kept snowing harder, until the trees were caked and every inch of terrain left perfectly smooth.

And then they brought out the drone…

Last season, these conditions set the stage for a memorable visit from Matador Network.

The slick video skills of Stellar Adventure Media brought the day to life, along with the story of Rudi and Jeff, and their take on the heart of what they do.

Sometimes everything just clicks, and the people you partner with at work become instant friends. We’re super grateful to the whole crew. Shredding it up with like-minded folks – punctuated with high-fives and YEAH BUDDYs – just never gets old.

It was our first round filming with a drone, and I’ll think you’ll agree, it’s freaking rad. All a matter of perspective, I guess.

What are you doing this December?

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