11April 2019

Would you really want year-round ski season?

I don’t think I could ever live somewhere without distinct seasons.

It just feels like an essential annual experience to me – the big swings from summer heat to winter chill.

I said this aloud the other day, and Jeff’s response was

‘What? No way. Ski season year round please.’

And I understand that feeling too.

The 2019 season has just wrapped up, and the potential ski days are shrinking. Freeriding in pow is just SO. MUCH. FUN. How could you ever not be sad to see it ending?

But that’s the thing with seasons, I think. You feel several things at once.

Nostalgia for the season coming to an end, and fresh energy for the one coming into view.

Seasonal shifts are the source of so much pleasure and wonder and excitement.

In the fall, it’s the first time you need to put on warm socks. Watching the first snowfall from a window. Rubbing your hands together in gleeful anticipation of the turns to come!

Then, inevitably, the first day in flip flops. Being able to walk outside without a thought to the jacket, the hat, the glove, the boots.

Swinging bare arms in the sunshine.

It gets me every time. I’m not alone in that, I think.

Just enough time goes by that we’re shocked and delighted all over again. It’s novel, but predictable.

I love that somehow, it never gets old.

And though I’ve never had a chance to experience it, I gotta think that if was just winter all the time, some magic would be lost.

The very temporary nature of season is a big part of what makes us savour them.

Whatever season we’re in – however cold a winter or hot a summer – the only thing we know for sure is that it won’t be around forever.

It’s the beauty (and suspense) of limited supply.

group of heli-skiers under blue sky in the high alpine

And… here’s my segue!

Availability for 2020 is also in limited supply. We’re already 35% sold out. If you’re tempted to see why a smaller number of people had an even more outstanding experience this winter, get in touch. We are ALL IN on this new format, and we’re convinced you will be too.

But, for now….?

We go surfing.

Jeff and I have some fun non-heli-ski stuff planned for the months ahead, which will no doubt translate into some interesting stories.

I hope you savour the final days on your skis or your snowboard, and when you hang them up, know that the old saying is so, so true: absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Speaking of taking breaks, there’s nothing like the Joy of Unplugging to refresh the mind.



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