20September 2016

Why our motto ISN’T ‘We Work For This’

It’s fall. Otherwise known as ‘almost-winter’. That means anticipation season is ramping up. If you live somewhere near mountains, you can literally see winter coming, inch by inch, as the snow line creeps.

If you’re like us, you’re cheering it on! Come on….. winter!

At this time of year, we always take time to re-connect to our ‘Why’. It sets our intention clear for the season ahead, and anchors us to the most important things when operating season gets crazy.

When I say our ‘Why’, I mean why we do this. Why we pour all our energy into this business and the guests we invite on board. Why it all matters. From that ‘why’, everything else falls into place.

The answer?

Because We Live For This. You’ve probably heard that one before. Our official tagline was chosen very carefully, after a lot of whiteboard brainstorming and late-night conversations by the fire/river/trail/garden, on the road or with a pint in hand.

It came down to We Live For This because:

This is how we make a living. Simple as that. We’re not a subsidiary of a larger company, we’re not governed at arms length by a board of directors. We earn a living generating epic experiences and unforgettable memories. Every hand we shake back in the lodge after a day of powder skiing is the direct appreciation of a business of its customer.

There are real stakes in the game. Being an underdog company drives quality, and tests our heart and tenacity every step of the way.

This work is in our blood. From Oscar to Rudi to Jeff, the guiding and heli-skiing roots run deep. One starts to doubt if we’d be capable of doing anything else! But seriously, sharing the wild backcountry with skiers and climbers has been what our family’s done for close to a hundred years.

We applaud all the young folks out there working hard to earn the certifications to guide. We know first-hand they’re joining a rich tradition and a fulfilling career.

Jeff’s first day of heli-skiing, age 3.


And finally,

We Live For This because it’s truly what we love. It’s not just that ‘We Work For This’ doesn’t have the same ring (and it sure doesn’t), it’s that it just isn’t true.

Not many people would say they live for the work they do. Some of us are truly lucky. We’re completely engaged because we’re having just as much fun as you are. And when it’s not ski season, we’re still out there, spring skiing until the very last possible day, hiking and camping and breathing in the mountain air. We don’t need a break from what we do and where we work.

We live for the kinds of experiences that make you scream out loud just for the sake of it. Because you feel THAT alive. Because it’s THAT fun.

So, why we do this has three simple but powerful answers. It’s a little behind-the-scenes manifesto that carries our intentions and our bottomless enthusiasm into every part of Purcell.

What about you? What do you live for?

See what people say after coming on board and joining the #WeLiveForThis spirit.



Do you get it?

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