2September 2013

We’re Getting Married!

It’s true! Jeff and I are getting hitched. For those of you that know us, probably not a big surprise, but big, exciting, happy news all the same, and we wanted to share it with you.

Everyone was expecting us to use a helicopter somehow in our celebration, but that felt too much like our day jobs, if you can believe it!

Instead, we’re Hawaii-bound next month with our immediate family to enjoy some surfing, bare feet in hot sand, and the sound of the ocean. Rudi’s psyched to do some snorkelling, but old habits die hard. He’s already talking about taking a helicopter sightseeing tour.

It’s going to be fun.

We hope to see you in the winter. We’ll be that same team we’ve always been, just a husband-and-wife team too. We’ll raise a glass then!

Katie (soon-to-be) Gertsch