27February 2015

Weird Weather Winter

Folks all over North America agree – this is a weird winter for weather. With epic snowfall hitting the east coast, and a warm, dry trend through much of the west, we’re all confused by Mother Nature’s wild ways.

It seems like a good time to share why we’re counting our blessings, because over here in the Purcells, things are actually pretty great. Here’s why:

Large Tenure. Because we were established back in the early days, we have access to an incredible amount of terrain. This means we don’t have to go back to the same areas day after day. So fresh snow, although we love it, isn’t a necessity to get fresh lines.


Elevation. It’s warm in the valley here. Real warm. And if we’re being totally honest, the lower elevation runs in our tenure are not top notch at the moment. Luckily, we have lots of glorious alpine skiing available to us. Given good visibility, we can ski from peak after peak.


Blue skies. This is the one that feels almost scary to acknowledge, cause we don’t want this factor to disappear. Clear skies have been allowing us to get into those precious alpine bowls and big open lines, and for that we are eternally grateful. [Let’s all knock on wood together now].


We Live For This. No, but we really do. Which means that we’re quite happy to be skiing in many types of conditions, not just on the most perfect of powder days. And if we’re having a good time out there, chances are you are too. Bring on the backcountry adventure!




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