31October 2016

Top Posts of the Week

You loved it, so let’s take a moment to re-live it!

At this time of year, the anticipation is running high but the reality is still just out of reach.

Thank Ullr for photo and video! What we dream of is only on the screen, but not for long.

This shot of Dave Treadway from January 2016 was a serious crowd pleaser. Backcountry skiers know that early winter brings mind-blowing tree lines. Bottomless pow and snow-caked firs.



#Throwbackthursday is when we dig into the gold mine, of decades of Rudi’s adventures on skis.

This one isn’t as old as some, but captures his form at any age. Forever the guide, brimming with knowledge and stories he can’t wait to share.



And hey, who can resist the helicopter? None of us. No matter how long any of us have been around heli-skiing, you still stop, stare and say ‘cool…..’.

Rudi or Jeff will sometimes sneak away in the noise to find a safe vantage point for a shot like this one, a blustery moment on top of Whitehorn.



No doubt, video always takes the cake. Have you seen this edit yet?

More pow! Enjoy!

– Katie