19February 2018

Top 3 Reasons to Get Into the Backcountry This Year

The fastest growing sector of skiing and riding is backcountry.

More and more people are psyched and making plans to go beyond the inbounds terrain and experience the great white beyond.

If you need a nudge, or some inspiration to make it happen, here are my three top reasons to get into the backcountry this year:



More than once, more than twice – so many times, we’ve heard this from guests: “Now I’m asking myself, why did I wait so long to do this?

I think many people see the backcountry, or heli-skiing, as the peak along a path. A final step. You put in your time, save your pennies, and one day, if only once, you’ll get on that heli, and you will feel complete.

But then the opposite feeling hits you. Satisfaction and a sense of completion are nudged out of the way by a new surge of adrenaline and possibility. This is only the beginning!

A new ski ‘career’ opens up in front of you, and you realize how many experiences you still want to have, all in the backcountry.

One day might have been a long time coming, but one day will always feel like your first day. Of many.

The draw of the backcountry will get under your skin. Get out there sooner than later – leave yourself lots of time to indulge a new obsession.



We are what we consistently do. No matter what we like to talk about, to dream about, to plan for, our actions are the record of the life we’re actually living.

If we want to live a life that seizes the day, one that’s lived to the fullest, don’t look at it as a transformational change, look at it as a victory by a thousand small steps. Make following-through on your dreams a habit.

From the small things to the big adventures, you can make a habit of acting on the things that really make you feel alive. Whether it’s a spontaneous picnic with your family, starting that creative project, or signing up for a backcountry trip, commit to seize the day TODAY, not someday.



Trying something new brings freshness. On some level, we get to be a beginner again. Though that may be uncomfortable, or thrilling, or both, once we’re there, we know it’s good for us.

It’s so easy to get a fixed view of ourselves, and what we’re capable of – who we are and what role we play in every situation.

We say ‘Oh, that’s not for me‘ or ‘I’m not that kind of person‘ or ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it‘, but just on the other side of all that certainty and stability could be an exciting future.

Busting out of that is like looking at the world with new eyes. No exaggeration.

If it seems ‘crazy’ maybe that’s a great reason to try it.


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Do you get it?

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