29March 2018

Time’s Almost Up on This Offer: The Ultimate 2019

What?!? It’s the last week of March already?

I’m sure you know the feeling.

It seemed like just yesterday we were all staring at our gear, leaning against a wall in the house, waiting with anticipation for those first storms and the first chance to back out there, sliding on snow.

Because, well, sliding on snow is just really fun. It’s not productive time. It’s WAHOOO time. It’s good-for-the-soul time.

From first storms to some proudly cultivated goggle tans, we’ve enjoyed every minute of it. There’s one more week of operation, then Jeff and Rudi will stand, solemnly watching the heli fly off into the horizon. Ahh spring…. sniff sniff.

Hopefully you got out there and enjoyed it too – for as many days as you had hoped.

The irony is, getting out there on the mountain as much as you’d like takes some work. Having fun, regularly, takes effort.

It’s so easy to let work and responsibilities fill the calendar. The have-to’s. Time disappears in a flurry of emails, projects, phone calls, errands and catch-up days.

Fun and freedom, often, come after. They fill the cracks and the gaps, where they can, with what’s left over. The nice-to’s, you know, if there’s time.

But what if decided to put ‘fun’ right in there with all the other priorities? What if it was just as important?

Because you KNOW that your calendar will get filled for you, if you don’t consciously claim it in advance. What seemed like ‘plenty of time’ will suddenly be ‘where did February go?’

What’s the remedy for not enough ski days?

Get a jump on next winter, and schedule ‘fun’ first. Good-for-the-soul time, remember?

The Ultimate Package is going to be a LOT of fun.

Three days of shredding pow with a small group in your limousine of a helicopter, with boutique accommodations only steps away from your private Kicking Horse heli-pad.

You can still get seats with our introductory rate, but only for a couple more days! TICK TOCK…


Fun deserves space on your calendar too. Claim your goggle tan. And get ready for your future self to thank you.

Try scheduling fun first.

Click HERE to get all the details on the Ultimate Package for 2019. A deposit by March 31st will lock in the best rate!



Do you get it?

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