17September 2017

The Joy of Unplugging

When you go heli-skiing in our massive operating area, it’s pure, remote, empty backcountry. There’s no wi-fi and no cell coverage, anywhere. In fact, because of transceiver interference, your cell phone needs to be off, like OFF off, unless you’re taking a photo.

Does that make you feel a bit uneasy, or does it feel like heaven?

More and more these days, we’re seeing businesses offering wi-fi free zones, in coffee shops and shared spaces, where people have the temptation of being online taken away from them. Voluntary non-negotiable restraint. A reprieve. An excuse to be intentional with your time, whether that’s to create, to connect with friends, or just to be unreachable if you want to be.

We love this idea, and that it’s becoming more popular. We’re not alone.

Being online has quickly become a full-time expectation.

And when something becomes ubiquitous in the culture, there is always a counter-culture response. A subversion. A rebellion.

The rebellion doesn’t need to be wholesale, or anti-technology, or a refutation of something truly valuable. Because hey, the internet is INCREDIBLE. It’s how we’re reaching you, right now. It brings immeasurable goodness.

But binging can feel gross. We get full. Sluggish. In a rut. Anxious and over-connected.

Too much of a good thing is really… well, too much. There’s stuff that feeds us as humans, like silence, nature and sunlight, that have been around a lot longer than Google, Facebook and Instagram.

A group of heli-skiers smile and laugh together at a resting point on the run

Taking back some offline time is just a little necessary push-back. An act of reclaiming.

And we gotta say, rebellion is, at its core, undeniably cool. As it happens, so is heli-skiing. Are you with us?

In the backcountry, you get non-negotiable right-here-ness. Being ‘connected’ means something different here. Hoot and holler with your fellow skiers and riders, feel every muscle, take in the silence and the wind. Everything can wait. Even posting about it. See the world with your eyes, not your screen. It’s only a few hours after all – you deserve it.

You’re not missing anything. You’re getting everything.


Why not? Use the magic of the digital world to send us an electronic mail (fancy!) and book your time to be Live and Unplugged.


Do you get it?

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