24February 2019

Light. Nimble. Free.

One group really can really get around.

Private heli-skiing has many upsides, but one we’re especially enjoying lately is the simplicity to move around.

From the alpine to the glaciers to the glades, groups have been valley-hopping, skiing through terrain from one side of our zone to the other, all in a single day.

More exploration, more terrain variety. It’s all made possible by one group, one heli.

I’m going to say it again and again.

One group. One heli. So good.

It’s not fancy. It’s just ALL the good stuff. All totally achievable, for a totally reasonable price.

Veteran heli-skiers are giving us expectations-blown-out-of-the-water high fives and immediately starting the hunt for their six for next year:

“I’ve been lucky to have heli skied a few other places before but what you guys have is really special. Yes the terrain and conditions you have are unbelievable. Yes, being able to take off right from the resort is pretty great. But the 6 person groups are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and absolutely makes all the difference in the world. Really felt lucky to have been able to do this in your first year of this model. You guys are really top shelf! I’ll be coming again.”

– Ed Meyer, 1 Day Experience guest

What does the difference feel like? The freedom to flow.

When all the resources are concentrated on one small group, you’re ready to adapt to what each day brings. You’re ready to lick the icing off the cake.

Light. Nimble. Free.

One group. One heli.

Access to this kind of experience is limited by design.

The last-minute booking days may be something of the past. What I’m saying is: anyone betting on that option is living on the edge.


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Do you get it?

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