26December 2018

Smart Match: How to Pick the Right Package for your Ability

You want to go heli-skiing.

That’s what you’ve decided. There’s no going back. (It’s a good feeling. Embrace it.)


The details, the package, the number of days? Still undecided.

No problem.

Picking the right package is a matter of knowing yourself, and the dream in your mind, and finding the closest thing that matches both.

(And we know, for sure, that sometimes one day is all you’ve got, no matter if this is your first day heli-skiing or your fiftieth. The guidelines below give you a quick idea of who we have in mind for each package – whose needs they’re meant to meet.)


1 Day Experience

This package is designed for the first-time heli-skier who knows that a small group and a dedicated helicopter will set them up for the best first day ever. Or, for folks with just one day and the knowledge that dedicated resources (i.e. not sharing the helicopter) provides the most efficiency and flexibility in a single day.

If you’ve never heli-skied before, your experience level might sound like this:

  • You’re a solid black diamond (advanced) skier/rider.
  • You have no or limited powder skiing experience, not much beyond some fresh laps of pow on top of hardpack inbounds.
  • Or, maybe you’ve done some powder skiing, but you don’t get that many days on your gear each winter, and you’re not sure how your body will hold up beyond one day of shredding.

If that’s where you’re at, ability-wise, a single day is probably the best way to go. To make sure you’re ready for a first day in the heli, you can check out our quiz for more details. It really helps.


group of heli-skiers crouch as helicopter takes off beside them

Going from single-day to multi-day really makes a difference. A solid skill level and some pow experience signs you up no problem, and what it can deliver by extending your time is not to be underestimated. More here on why multi-day can be a whole new world.


3 Day Ultimate

This one is for the riders that really want all heli-skiing has to offer. The most variety of terrain, the most vertical, a faster pace with a group that has time to find a groove.

Your experience level probably sounds like this:

  • You’re hooked on pow skiing, and everyone knows it
  • You can ride anywhere inbounds
  • Tree skiing is nothing new
  • You’ve heli-skied or cat-skied before, maybe you do it every year
  • You’re in strong skiing/riding shape, and a heli-ski trip is just one of many days on the mountain every winter
  • You’re always craving, and ready for, the most vertical you can jam into a day.



If you’re thinking, hmm, not me so far, then maybe your match is…


2 Day Immersion

This package is multi-day “light”. The chance to have stories to tell at the end of a day, and still get back in the chopper the next. We see a lot of folks that have done the single day before, and this becomes the next logical step.

  • Your experience falls somewhere in the middle of the two above
  • You’re ready for a “weekend” of heli-skiing but can’t commit more than that
  • Maybe you’ve heli-skied for a day before, and remembered that it was over in a flash! You know you want more this time.
  • You’re in good skiing/riding shape, ready for trees, more pow turns, but three days might be too much, either for your body or budget!

Heli-ski guide charges toward camera on powder slope


Frequently Asked Question:

“I only have one day, but I’m a veteran heli-skier and not sure I want to be in a group with first-timers. What should I do?”

We’ve got two options for you:

  1. Ask us if there’s a date in your window of interest with an experienced group. There’s no guarantees, but if we know the others have heli-skied before, that tells you something.
  2. Rally your own crew. Get your six together, vet their experience yourself, and take away the unknowns.


And remember: descriptions, categories and generalizations are helpful starting points, but everyone is unique. We’re always available to chat with you about your specific background and what you’re hoping for, and how we can match it up.




Do you get it?

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