10March 2020

Q&A: What’s the snow like in late March?

There’s things that are different about heli-skiing in late March, and things that are the same.

What doesn’t change? We’re still skiing powder. Beautiful, dry, untracked powder.

What does change? We spend almost all our time on the biggest alpine lines, hopping from massive glacier to the next, and on open slopes with views in all directions. Tree skiing becomes a thing of the past, and we enjoy an epic mountain experience at the highest elevations the Purcells has to offer.

Does that sound like the heli-skiing dream? Why yes. It very much is.



Some photographic evidence, and real words from real people, all from trips in the last week of March:

“It was late season, after two weeks with no new snow, so I was worried about the conditions. These fears were completely unfounded! There were great open bowls to carve down. I was speechless. It was incredible.” – Paul, from March 31, 2016

“I was concerned that end-of-season conditions in March might not be good. I read other reviews dated March and didn’t see anything negative. I hesitated to book for a month and almost missed out on a fantastic experience. […] 

 You can ski at resorts your entire life and never have an experience like this. The ability to find the best snow, the best terrain for your group’s ability, the scenery, the private helicopter for the day, the personal attention of the guides. I couldn’t ask for anything better and it was totally worth the expense.” – Brian, from March 29, 2019

“It’s an experience that is unforgettable. You spend many seasons chasing powder and perhaps once, or if lucky twice, a season you may find it. But to have a guaranteed day without skinning to find it is well worth it.

If you want an uncomplicated day without all of the extras and simply would love to ski/board powder, there’s no discussion. Go with Purcell.” – Azfar, from March 28, 2017


So what’s the snow like in late March? It’s the best kept secret in heli-skiing.

Your own private powder taxi. Ready for the hailing to big mountain, late March, powder heaven until April 10th. Check out shoulder season rates and availability here.






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