16June 2020

Q&A: What’s Rudi up to these days?

Rudi turned 75 this spring, and has finally “retired” from Purcell.

I use “quotes” around the word retired, because, well, in his case it doesn’t mean what that usually means.

You’ll still be able to find him hanging around the lodge, chatting with guests, eavesdropping during the guides meetings, telling us jokes in the office, and listening over the radio to where the group goes next.

Patterns that deeply ingrained aren’t easy to let go of (I’m looking at you, coffee).

And hell yes, he’ll still be going heli-skiing. Because he’s earned his time to do exactly what he wants, and none of what he doesn’t.

What’s that look like?

Spring ski touring with Jeff, in effortless style [click to watch]:

Tending his usual mega-garden (this is just one part):

And his latest woodworking project, what he has dubbed the ‘Kokanee Bench’.

(He’s built about five of these already. Note the cupholders on either end, perfect for a can of Kokanee beer.)

The strange side effect of loving what you do is that you’re not that interested in stopping.

But we’ve finally convinced Rudi to show up just for the fun parts, and leave all the work to the rest of us.

If you hear a Yodel coming from somewhere in the trees, that’s probably him. Having the time of his life.


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