7July 2020

Q&A: What will heli-skiing look like next winter?

Risk management is the core of what we do. Prioritizing your safety, while providing a fun, exhilarating, memorable-for-a-lifetime experience is baked into our DNA.

These conditions are new for us all, but we’re ready to keep doing what we do – creating a space where you feel informed, prepared and confident – so you can keep doing what you love to do: ride the best untouched powder of your life.


How 2021 will be different:

(1) We’ll meet and fly from Purcell’s Day Lodge and Heli-Plex instead of at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.

We know the convenience of resort pick-up has been a great feature for our guests for the last two winters, and we’re not turning our backs on it. But while the COVID-19 situation is active, we need to prioritize controlling, not sharing, the guest environment to meet all health & safety guidelines.

Only six guests per day will have access to our beautiful and spacious day lodge, a short drive from Kicking Horse.

(2) All guests will need to complete a short COVID-19 screening questionnaire before arrival. Please see our current flexible cancellation policy for information in the case of quarantine restrictions.

(3) Guests will be asked to wear a buff/bandana/neckwarmer/mask over their nose and mouth while aboard the helicopter.

(If you bring your own group of friends/family, a face covering will be your choice, though the guides will always wear them during flights.)

(4) Increased frequency of cleaning and sanitizing high touch surfaces, including daily sanitizing of the helicopter.

(5) Lunches will be prepared as individual bagged lunches instead of picnic-style. Food is always and has always been prepared in a sanitized environment.

(6) Multi-day guests will, to the best of our ability, be paired with the same guides and pilot for all days.


Here’s what will be the same

A 12-seater helicopter for a group of just six skiers and riders (more leg room, more fuel, more skiing).

The helicopter is private to your group – no sharing it with a group two, or three.

Your group is the ONLY one, every day. That’s not a special platinum package. It’s how we roll.

Which means ALL the terrain is just for your group.

All of that is exactly how we operate normally, because we know it provides the absolute best possible heli-skiing experience.

Where it’s just one small group, your own helicopter, and ALLLLL the terrain to explore.

Freedom. Powder. Go.


If you have any questions or concerns about operations or booking for the coming winter, please reach out to us anytime. Flexible cancellation policy details are here.





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