7October 2019

Q&A: What does the ‘private’ in private heli-skiing actually mean?

If you’re just realizing you don’t know the answer to this one, you’re definitely not alone.

Private definitely sounds good, of course, but what is it actually referring to? This term isn’t used consistently across the industry, so it’s no wonder it can leave all of us a little confused.


The typical, non-private, sometimes called ‘semi-private’, way of heli-skiing is several groups of skiers and riders share one helicopter – they’re all reliant on one chopper to get their lifts, and they take turns flying to the next landing to do so.

That means careful coordinating of logistics to keep the flow of lifts smooth, and all the groups will stay and ski near to each other (taking turns on an area of terrain) to minimize flying and waiting time.

Private heli-skiing always means one group to one heli. No sharing the helicopter and having to take turns for lifts with other groups. It means the freedom to move around the terrain without limits.

In visual terms, that difference looks like this:

private versus regular heli skiing

One group has private and exclusive access to the helicopter. That’s private heli-skiing.

The tricky part is that private can ALSO mean that the group itself is private, as in, they’re all people you know and brought together.

A lot of private heli-skiing packages are sold with the assumption that you’ll get your own group together – that if there’s four or six seats available, it’s your job to bring a body for each seat. The operator won’t book any strangers in there with you.

But, if you don’t happen to have enough friends with the interest, ability, time or budget to join you, the experience seems out of reach.


Our packages are ALWAYS private. That means it’s always one group, one heli.

But. We let the grouping be more flexible.

If you can find five people to bring with you to make your group private, awesome! You’ve got a private setup through and through.

If you can’t, never fear. We’ll match you with others in the same situation, so you can still get access to all that private heli-skiing has to offer:

  • No waiting for a lift, ever.
  • No ‘other group’ logistics limiting where you can go or how fast you can ski.
  • More terrain variety.
  • More solitude.
  • More freedom.
  • More awesome.

Whether you’ve got the friends, or are ready to make some new ones, a private heli is within reach.


Want to see what all that awesome looks like? Check out our favourite photos from last season. Seriously… WOW.





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