9May 2020

Q&A: So, what’s the plan for booking next winter?

Since mid-March, when we shut operations early due to the pandemic, we’ve been spending our time probably a lot like you have – staying home, checking the news too often, riding the waves of anxiety, worrying for loved ones, and wondering when all the uncertainty will end.

Never mind the endless emails that include the phrase “during these unprecedented times”.

What…. a…. doozy.

Rudi’s favourite joke about the heli-ski business is that it’s always been ‘up and down’. And the truth is, our industry and our business has weathered storms, literal and figurative, over the last 45 years, and we’ll weather this one too.

Our simple, low-overhead business model has always served us well, and our recent changes feel fortuitous in this moment.

Never have we been happier to be operating a small, exclusive program where we only fill the helicopter to half its capacity.

We fully expect to operate a deep and successful season for 2021, but no one can know exactly how the near future will play out. We understand that planning your next ski season will be different than any before.

Here’s how we’re going to make it easier to give you peace of mind when you’re ready to look forward to your next epic winter adventure.
  1. All final payments won’t be due until 4 weeks prior to your ski date (instead of eight weeks for multi-day packages).
  2. If you are prevented from travelling to us for your tour due to COVID-19 related issues like illness, government-ordered travel restrictions or border controls, you will have the choice to have any payments refunded or deferred as a credit for a future tour.
  3. If we are prevented from operating due to COVID-19 related issues like incompatible health and safety guidelines or gathering restrictions, you will have the choice to have any payments refunded or deferred as a credit for a future tour.

However, if there are no official restrictions preventing our operations, and no official restrictions preventing your travel (exactly what we all hope for!), and you choose to cancel your trip or otherwise not attend, our regular cancellation policy will apply.

As we all know, the situation is not static, and next winter is still a long ways off. We will update and evolve our policies and operating procedures as needed to serve you best, and to comply with all provincial health guidelines. We’ll work with you and keep you apprised as we go.

We know that you may want to take your time, wait and see. We absolutely get it.

Whenever you are ready to say yes to the trip of a lifetime, we’ll do everything in our power to make it happen safely.

From our family to yours, be well.

– Katie, Jeff & Rudi Gertsch


Anytime you have any questions about reservations and bookings for next winter, please reach out to myself, Katie, through our inquiry form here.






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