11February 2020

Q&A: I want everyone to know I went heli-skiing. How do I do it?

Ready to share some stoke? Here’s how.


Publish the evidence

Share your photos and videos on your favourite platform and tag us! We love to repost and feature content from our guests, so the wider Purcell community gets to see all the angles and all the faceshots.

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Sport some swag

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Show, don’t tell

Feel like you’ll never be able to fully explain the experience? It’s true. If you don’t go, you don’t know.

Take a friend next year and bond over that which is bigger than words can match! If you’ve got five friends that are keen, you’ve got a private group, ready to fly.

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Haven’t had an experience yet to brag about? Wondering if private, small-group heli-skiing is worth it?
Read this. I promise it’s not the straightforward sales pitch you’re imagining.






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