31December 2019

Q&A: How Far in Advance Should I book?

You might expect me to just say ‘Now, Now, Now!’ with that shopping channel tone in my voice, but ick, no, that’s not my style.

Plus, that’s not helpful. You want to know when’s actually the right window so you don’t miss out.

What I always say to people? Recommendations are below, but even if you’re not ready to book, at least check in about availability. Our calendars are always posted online and up to date to help you keep an eye on things as you plan.

Here’s the thing: with the shift to our new, always-private small-group program, capacity is small.

That’s the key to an exceptional experience, but it also puts the pressure on for snagging dates.


Peak Season

February 1 – March 15

(defined by demand, not snow quality)

Starts booking in February the year before.

Dates in peak season were 50% sold out by the end of April last year. By end of August, the seats were almost all scooped up.

If you’ve got a group of six (the magic number for a totally private experience) and are looking for multiple days, I would recommend booking 10-12 months in advance.

For less than 6 people looking to join in with others, or for a 1 Day Experience, I would still at least inquire 7-8 months in advance.


A February kind of day.

One skier leads a group down an untouched winter slope


Shoulder Season

December, January and after March 15

(demand is lower, conditions are still stellar)

These dates can start booking a year in advance too, but typically 5-8 months in advance is sufficient. If you have a full group of six looking for multiple days, I’d lean toward 8 months ahead.

Shoulder season is when you can still book a date within a month or two, or on the very edges, sometimes last-minute.

If you’d rather leave it as a ‘maybe’ for a short-notice addition, early January and end of March are the times when that can work.


A shoulder season kind of day.

snowboarder creates a wave of powder


Does all this leave you thinking “When’s the best time to go?” – got you covered right here.
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