28December 2017

The Pow-Lovers Manifesto

With visions of endless fresh turns ahead, we take a moment to salute what drives us, skiers and riders, to do this sport.

When you consider all that it takes to be out there in winter, to SURVIVE out there – the layers, the wool, the gore-tex, the boots, the gear – you realize that we gotta want it. You can’t just stroll out there and make do. This ain’t no beach.

There’s something hardy and hard-won about this group we belong to. In the depths of cold, dark winter, we thrive. We take nature’s frozen season and turn it into our celebration. We get our gear on, go out there, and embrace it.

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Because going fast is FUN. Carving powder is AWESOME.

Because even if our toes are numb and the cold wind won’t let up, out on the snow there are no meetings, no checklists, no traffic, no agenda other than good times. We venture into big mountains and we feel small. We remember what’s important.

We offer you, short and sweet…


We love… bottomless turns, snow-caked goggles, breathing in the cold air and forgetting what your top sheet looks like.

We believe… that a day spent in the mountain with friends and family is a day spent well, under blue skies, grey skies or stormy skies.

We are committed to… the pursuit of fresh tracks, forever memories and the simple life with a big dose of WAHOOOO on the regular.

It’s not just a sport. It’s a tribe.


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Do you get it?

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