28January 2020

Q&A: Does shoulder season have less reliable conditions?

Basically, no. But stick with me. There’s good stuff to know on this one. If we started operating in November, and that was our shoulder season, then yes, a thin snowpack and not enough coverage could be an issue. And if we kept running tours into May, then yes, a lack of true[...]

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17January 2020

Why you should look before you leap

“The dog can come heli-skiing, probably, right?” It was a day in early May when Rudi, Jeff and I decided to take a flight to collect the last of the landing flags and get a few family turns on the high, north-facing terrain that still had good snow. Our dog Russell is[...]

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14January 2020

Q&A: What Should I Pack for a Heli-Ski Trip?

Going heli-skiing? YES, friend! Go get it. Here’s what to know about what to bring. Check your list twice, and you’re set to fly. (Note: What you may bring for your entire ski holiday is outside the scope of this list – what you’ll find below is specifically about your day or[...]

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4January 2020

Keep Your Cool: How to win friends and influence people

It was 1976, and Rudi was ready to go on his first big promo tour. And as you might guess, marketing heli-skiing was a different game back then than it is in 2020 (yes, it’s 2020 now). In those days, heli-skiing was a brand new thing. Most people had no clue that[...]

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