20June 2019

Good to Great: How to Make the Leap in Pow Skiing Technique

Jeff and I have this recurring disagreement we play out a few times a year. Whether it’s climbing season, skiing season, or we’re looking forward to a surf trip, I always try to find some complementary physical training I can do in the gym or at home. I do weighted pulling drills[...]

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19May 2019

Q&A: Does Helicopter Size Matter?

Around the world, many different kinds of helicopters are used for heli-skiing. In BC, the most common aircraft used are the Bell 212, the Bell 205, the Bell 407, or the A-Star. The 212 and 205 are classified as ‘mediums’, which means they can seat up to 11 people (in addition[...]

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11April 2019

Would you really want year-round ski season?

I don’t think I could ever live somewhere without distinct seasons. It just feels like an essential annual experience to me – the big swings from summer heat to winter chill. I said this aloud the other day, and Jeff’s response was ‘What? No way. Ski season year round please.’ And I understand that[...]

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22March 2019

How to embrace tradition AND innovation

Here and there throughout the season, people have been asking Jeff and me: “So, how does Rudi feel about the new program?” They wonder if it’s been a smooth transition, or more of the kicking-and-screaming kind. It’s an understandable thing to be curious about. In a generational, family business, it’s common to encounter some[...]

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