2August 2016

If you care about getting fresh tracks, read this.

You booked your ski holiday six months ahead, high-fiving your buddies while still wearing shorts on the patio, knowing you’ll ride the stoke of anticipation until go time. But then it’s February and you’re packing your ski bag, watching the snow forecast and the resort web cams with rising anxiety. It hasn’t[...]

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11March 2016

The Run Name Game

Many who ski with us here at Purcell can attest to the fact that Rudi is a fount of entertaining stories, facts, and anecdotes from his decades in the heli ski world. He has a story for any occasion and any audience (and a couple that are appropriate for very[...]

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14September 2015

El Niño is coming… or is it?

Fall is here and the winter weather predictions are in full force. “It’s going to be the deepest winter since ’72…. it’s going to be warm and wet….. real winter will be here three weeks early…. it’s going to be the coldest winter we’ve seen in years. ” The hype can be[...]

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12May 2015

3 Signs you’re as addicted to skiing as we are

It’s almost summer. We understand. For people like us, it’s a tough truth to accept. Are you hooked on skiing? Here’s three ways to check: 1. Every time someone says ‘Summer is just around the corner!’ you feel an invisible punch in the gut. But you know better than to oppose the[...]

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