15October 2018

The Longest Heli-Ski Run of All Time

Our first go at “heli-skiing” anywhere other than here in B.C. was in Switzerland, back in 2011. I say “heli-skiing” with quotes because heli-skiing over there really isn’t the same as what we do here. It was one heli-drop on Äbenie Flue in the Bernese Alps, one of just a few spots allowed,[...]

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17September 2018

Share what you know

Like all uphill landings, it was an unwelcome surprise. Day one of skiing in Swedish Lapland, and we weren’t quite ready for the chairlift at Riksgränsen. Fixed-grip, bare metal, no lifty to help ease the transition. We pushed forward to get to the line and turned around just in time for[...]

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20August 2018

4 Ways B.C. Backcountry Earned Its Fame

First thing’s first: there are definitely more than four reasons why British Columbia has become a mecca for backcountry skiing and riding. I’ve just picked four favourites, and four that we think are extra important when it comes to comparing one world ski destination over another, and four reasons why heli-skiing[...]

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1August 2018

What kind of cairns will you build?

“I can’t believe it! They’re still here!” This past summer, Jeff and I spent a few days hiking from Mistaya Lodge, a ski touring and hiking gem up the valley from our home, perched at 7,000 feet among rocky peaks and blue-green alpine tarns. For me, it was a new experience, but[...]

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