31December 2019

Q&A: How Far in Advance Should I book?

You might expect me to just say ‘Now, Now, Now!’ with that shopping channel tone in my voice, but ick, no, that’s not my style. Plus, that’s not helpful. You want to know when’s actually the right window so you don’t miss out. What I always say to people? Recommendations are below,[...]

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20December 2019

Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

Please don’t tell anyone, but… This year Jeff and I realized we’re finally getting old enough to need time bookmarks. Do you use these too? It’s when you’re trying to remember when something happened, and you know the best you’re gonna be able to do is a vague target between memorable events: … it[...]

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17December 2019

Q&A: How is heli-skiing different for snowboarders?

Different gear, some differences to note. What’s definitely NOT different? One plank or two, we’re all out there to experience the joy of floating through pow in the untouched backcountry.   A smooth backcountry snowboarder ticks all these boxes:   You gotta look ahead The terrain won’t always be planar downhill pitches. There’ll be little flats,[...]

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7December 2019

The Private Difference: White Space and White Gold

Of all the backcountry adventures I’ve been on with Jeff, the only time I really thought I might freeze to death was not on some snow-covered peak. It was in the international terminal of LAX. We had gotten off an overnight flight from Kauai, and had a five-hour layover before boarding our[...]

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