8March 2019

Riding Shotgun: How To Become A Heli-Ski Guide

Watching your guide charge ahead, laying first tracks into the pow again and again, can make a person wonder: “How did they get this job?!?” Are they just ski bums that were in the right place at the right time? Well, they’re still usually ski bums at heart, yes, but they’ve put in[...]

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24February 2019

The Freedom to Flow

One group really can really get around. Private heli-skiing has many upsides, but one we’re especially enjoying lately is the simplicity to move around. From the alpine to the glaciers to the glades, groups have been valley-hopping, skiing through terrain from one side of our zone to the other, all in a[...]

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22February 2019

Après-Ski, Then and Now

“It opens around 3:30, and by 4:00 people are dancing on the tables. Every day.” I had asked Kurt for his take on the ultimate après-ski scene from what he’s seen in Europe. He made a noise that made it clear there was only one answer. It came fast and decisive: Austria. St.[...]

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16February 2019

How To Go Fast, In No Hurry

“Okay folks, there’ll be a short flat coming up to traverse us over a ridge, so you’ll want to hold some speed so you have the momentum to get across.” In the backcountry, in natural terrain, skiing and riding isn’t always uninterrupted downhill. In order to work the given terrain, your guide[...]

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