26November 2018

What ‘Out of the Box’ Really Means

It didn’t happen to me, but hearing about it made a lasting impression. It was a story about a guy in San Francisco. His life was going great. He went to his computer engineering job every day, rode his bike the same way to work, stopped at the same coffee shop, read[...]

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20November 2018

How To Dress For Heli-Skiing

Is it any different from dressing for a regular day of skiing or riding? It can be. Yes. Heli-skiing presents a few variables that are different from the standard frontcountry day. Dressing smart can help you avoid overheating, getting chilled, bad visibility, and even transceiver interference.   Few Layers, Make ‘Em Count The winning recipe for[...]

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9November 2018

Is Small-Group Heli-Skiing Worth It?

They believed I would come back for him. That’s why it worked. I drove away from the gas station into the Mexican heat, with a full tank but not having paid. In my rearview mirror, I see Jeff standing surrounded by a small group of attendants, arms crossed, no smiling. It’ll be[...]

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30October 2018

The Difference Between Single and Multi-Day Heli-Skiing

True story: My dad was in his 60s when he first went to a massage therapist. An old injury was flaring up, and his doc pointed him straight to the RMT. Because he wasn’t sure what this was all about, or how much was enough to spend, he booked 30 minutes to[...]

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