8November 2016

Octobuary, continued.

Wish you were here? You can be.

Opening day is December 16th.

In the meantime, Jeff will be trying his damnedest to ski it all up. Just kidding. Two thousand square kilometres is WAY too big, even for someone as powder-addicted as he.

We will, though, be testing conditions as much as possible and getting to know the beginning of this winter.

So far, we like.



A week after last trip, another 25 cm had landed in the alpine, making for some truly amazing, buttery soft turns, especially considering it was only October.

Here’s hoping Mother Nature keeps sending the good stuff. This base is off to a great start.



We’ll keep the updates, photos and video and coming your way, unless the torture is too much?

The boys know it… the powder months will just keep coming: Novembuary is next!


– Katie