17September 2020

NEWS: Not operating for the 2020/21 season

We’ve made the difficult decision not to operate our tours for the coming 2020/21 winter season.

Like everyone we know during this very strange year, we had to hope that enough time would make things better.

But with case numbers rising in our region (and elsewhere) lately just with local tourism, there is little to give us confidence that long-distance travel this winter will be a reasonable or popular prospect, without managing significant restrictions and quarantine delays.

Put simply, not enough has changed enough since we elected to close our doors back in mid-March.

Since the majority of our guests come across international borders or via plane travel, we had to come to terms with recognizing the likely factors that could seriously disrupt the viability of providing our tours – last-minute cancellations, and accidental asymptomatic exposure forcing our small team into quarantine.

The last thing we want is to cancel, short-notice, what you would be rightly counting on after taking on the challenge of travelling to us during this difficult time.

Although we can’t know what the coming months will bring, the main obstacles are likely to remain, and we have decided to prioritize giving advance notice to our guests, staff and suppliers over a gamble at the last-minute that might have a greater negative impact on all.

We’ve come to this point with a heavy heart. All the same, we recognize that our mission and mandate is to keep you safe while delivering an epic deep powder experience.

The best way to do that may be to put off that experience to a near and more hopeful future. The powder will surely be deep this year, but it will be in 2022 as well. We’re already looking forward to it.

Inquire about booking for 2022 here.

A HUGE thanks to our guests and staff who have weathered this together, with understanding, resilience and hope. This community is small but mighty.

In the meantime, we’re not going anywhere, and there’ll be lots to share:

You’ll see us carry on the hunt for deep powder in this incredible destination we’re lucky to call home. The usual stories and articles will keep coming via The Yodel, and we’ll be adding fitness training and backcountry awareness content to add value at a distance, however we can.⁠

Stay safe, stay well, and wherever is close to home, keep going skiing! ⁠

With our apologies, thanks, and sights set on a deep and brighter future,

Katie, Jeff & Rudi Gertsch