23April 2014

New season, new program!

For us, every spring is both a winding down and a psyching up. The end of one season is the beginning of the next. We definitely have some extra time to relax, get into the garden, check the bike tires, maybe a road trip to the coast for some surfing, but focus and energy also goes straight into next winter.

Every year we review all your generous feedback, debrief the season (sometimes a cold beer is required) and challenge each other to innovate new ideas and approaches to deliver more on what we do.

This year, the next step forward is finally ready to see the light and we’ll be unveiling our 2014/15 upgrade in a few short weeks. It’s going to be game-changing, unique within the entire industry and we know you’re going to LOVE it.

It’ll focus on what you’ve been telling us matters most: the capability to truly match clients by ability within a single-day program.

The ability of those in the heli with you makes a big impact on your day and the value you get out of it. Up until now, the only way to guarantee your group’s ability is to get your own group together, because pre-screening strangers is a tricky business, and doesn’t produce consistent results.

Hand-picking your own group will still be an option, but for most, they don’t have a big enough group ready to go. They’re three, or two, or on a solo mission.

Does this sound like you?

  • A single-day of heli-skiing is what you’re after. And if more than one day is an option, you don’t want to wait until day two or three for group ability to be shuffled and harmonized. Can’t it work from day one?
  • A tail guide, for safety, flexibility and sweep jives with your high standards. Matching with another group of two at a small-group operation still has that ability-matching unknown, and no tail guide.
  • You’ve been waiting a long time for this trip, and you want the day to match your expectations. You want to ski or ride at the pace you’re ready for, not be rushed along or held back.

What’s the next evolution beyond small-group heli-skiing?

Custom-group heli-skiing is coming….. stay tuned.