12November 2014

Do you need to heli-ski?

No one needs to go heli-skiing.

It’s true, right? You’d definitely survive without it.

You need food and water and shelter and family. You need health and safety. The ‘need’ list, if you really whittle it down, is shockingly short, especially compared to everything we’ve gotten used to needing.

Before you go thinking we’re talking ourselves right out of business, what’s interesting is how we typically decide between what’s essential and what’s unnecessary luxury. The ‘need’ filter can be powerful, but it also deserves a closer look.

To live the life you want to live, do you need:

– Joy, exhileration and adventure?

– Experiences that leave lasting memories?

– Kick ass stories to share with friends and family?

– To reach for your potential with no regrets?

Maybe to feel truly alive, saying yes to adventure is really what we all need. Right up there with the bare necessities. Because life is too short not to enjoy it as much as you can. We live for heli-skiing. Want to join us?

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Do you get it?

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