6February 2019

January, In Photos

This year, January was a little unusual, and at the same time, right on track.

The weather was drier and milder than normal, but the snow quality proved to be every bit as good as January can be. We skied alpine and trees, and our brand new burn (!) made by 2018 wildfire.

Here’s a day-in-the-life in photos, collected from a few days from the first month of 2019.


Right this way

Your ride is arriving

Get ready to fly

Safety first

Eyeing the first drop

After you

This just got REAL

Game on

Need a pick-up?

More POW

Lunch stop

And more POW!

These beauty shots were captured by the talented Cole Pellerin, a.k.a. Mountain Man Cole

If you’d like to add him to your group and have a private photographer catch all the action (why wouldn’t you?), check that out here!




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