2December 2020

I ski AND snowboard. Which should I take heli-skiing?

For those of us committed to one plank or two, 100% of the time, there’s no question what will be on our feet at the top of the pitch.

But if you enjoy switching it up, what’s a better choice for your epic heli-ski trip?


Ask yourself these three questions:

(1) What do you feel more confident on?

Being keen to try something new is a great attitude. But it can be wise to do that while only changing one variable at a time. Your heli-ski trip itself is the new factor. Stick with the equipment you know best so you’re not experimenting in a novel environment.

In case you meet any unexpected challenges, it’s nice to be on your old standby.

(2) Are you aware of the limitations being on a snowboard can present?

Strong snowboarders have no problems. But having your feet tied together to one plank is more of a challenge in the backcountry compared to being on skis. It’s just the truth. You want to be strong enough that looking ahead and letting it flow with speed are no big deal, when your guide gives you the heads up there’s a short flat or a rise coming up to get to the next best fall line pitch.

Check out how heli-skiing is different for snowboarders here.

(3) If you’re strong on both, have you been in perfect powder with both?

If you can swap back and forth in any terrain, and your riding skills will tackle natural backcountry terrain without a second thought, then it’s just a question of how do you want it to feel?

What gets you more stoked – the feeling of surfing a wave that goes on for 800 metres? Or the rhythmic charge on skis where you feel the pow parting at waist level with every turn?

And if you want to do both, well that’s easy, just sign up for more than one day! 😉

Bring the right gear, have the best time. For more deets on the right sticks, check out our Gear Guide for Deep Powder next.








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