2April 2021

How will they talk about you?

We were browsing photos with a family friend recently, and came upon this gem of Rudi’s dad Oskar:

In the world of the How it started / How it’s going meme, this is such a trip. It’s not just the same stature, same chin, same shoes. Though yup: check, check and check.

Three generations going, we have been guiding and farming.

In summer and year round, breeding cattle, cutting hay, growing gardens.

In winter and year round, guiding clients, skiing powder, running a business.

Everyday care and uncommon adrenaline. Living slow and living fast.

Oskar was an IFMGA Mountain Guide, a member of the search and rescue team, and head of the ski school in Wengen, Switzerland, leading over 100 instructors.

Before CMH invented heli-skiing in its current form, he experimented, along with others, with fixed-wing and heli drops to backcountry ski back in the 50s. Rudi the kid even got to come along a few times.

And in his 80s, Oskar decided it was time to learn to paraglide.

As you do. No big deal.

If you ever wondered where Rudi’s impossible-to-put-out spark for a good time comes from, his appetite for adventure – well, that was his dad.

When Rudi started this business, like almost anyone who’s started almost any business, he wasn’t the first to do it.

You may have your own things to prove, fresh obstacles or ideas to work through, but you never start in a vacuum.

There’s a lot of value placed on ‘firsts’ in our culture – and I get it, I do – but it’s also helpful to remember that every trailblazer, every innovator, rises on the shoulders of those that came before.

Part of your legacy is written before you even get started.

That doesn’t mean it ties you down or holds you back. Rudi left Switzerland because he had some exploring of his own to do, in his own way.

Jeff and I have lead the business in our time to a new identity again.

Because as it happens, progression, curiosity and trying something new is all part of what’s been handed down (see: ‘PARAGLIDING IN HIS 80s’ above).

And of course I know, we’re the exception, not the rule. Not many of us continue in the same profession generation after generation anymore.

When I think about legacy, I think of that part as just the container.

Inside that container is the core of it:

What were you taught to value? What impact did you have on others? How will they talk about you? How much did you give, and how can they take it into the future and make it their own?

Every family will have its own echo.

From Oskar to Rudi to Jeff, the one I can hear loud and clear is focus and care and respect for craft.

The core belief that showing people what they’re really capable of, being part of that club, is more than a calling – it’s an honour.

We write our legacy in the impact we hope to make in people’s lives. Maybe you do too.

And that reach need not be millions to matter.

Right now, we do that six people at a time.



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