30November 2016

How have the conditions been so far?

Will Mother Nature deliver?

Every year, just before it’s truly winter, there’s that familiar mix of anxiety/excitement….

Is winter coming back? For real?

We feel it too. Powder turns from last year can feel like a distant memory.

The latest updates from the field? Nothing to worry about, friends.

It’s already getting EPIC out there!

Rudi Gertsch turning in the fresh deep powder snow with bright blue sky and snow covered trees behind him

Rudi taste-testing the fresh pow. He likes.

Another conditions check trip landed at the end of a storm that dumped 60cm on an already-developing snowpack.

And for the first day, it just kept on dumping. SCORE.


Jeff’s ‘can you believe how good this is?’ face.

At 140cm for the total snowpack already, we’re off to a better than normal start.

On top of that, the base is really well settled for the Purcells this year, which makes for supportive skiing and great coverage in the alpine, already.

two fresh  heli-ski tracks coming down mountain with another heli-skier turning in the deep powder beside the tracks.

Blower. Oh yes.

And it’s not even December yet!

Though the valley bottom may try to fool you, where the helicopter goes, the skiing is downright outstanding.

In the alpine, it’s a different world. The blower snow keeps stacking up.

And there’s nothing but more white gold to come.

Want to get out here this year?

Looking down on massive mountain tops filled with snow. Ridges show light powder snow blowing off the tops into the bright blue sky

Russell only gets to be out for the pre-season, but he highly recommends it.

Russell the Purcell Heli-Skiing powder hound looking for the go ahead to go for a run in the deep snow

Wherever you are, we hope winter is coming your way!

Out here, no question, she’s back.

– Katie