19December 2018

How Do I Compare Heli-Ski Pricing?

It’s tough to compare heli-skiing packages, isn’t it?

Everyone has a just-different-enough combination of what’s included, how the skiing is calculated, or group-to-guide and groups-to-helicopter ratio.

I’ve had dreams of creating the handy comparison table for years – something that, at a glance, would break it ALL down.

I’ve learned it quickly becomes an unwieldy mess!


With simplicity as my guide, let me do my best to break down the most basic elements of comparison.

Our focus is the SKIING, not the frills. The best value for the most exceptional experience.


And when it comes to the skiing, here are the metrics to know:


Other heli-ski operations will use one helicopter to manage multiple groups of skiers. (Unless you opted in for a specific private program option.)

Our packages are always one group, one helicopter.

Heli ski guide turns through the trees in deep powder


Other heli-ski operations will run several groups of skiers in the terrain, and sometimes multiple helicopters, all servicing multiple groups.

Our packages make the terrain exclusive to ONE group.

Lone skier turns down alpine slope with backlit glow

It’s basically like if six people wanted to book out an entire heli-ski operation.

Everything we have goes to that one group, so no one’s else’s logistics can limit your day.

And how much does that cost?!? You think, eyes starting to bulge.

About the same per day as a small-group program where you share both the terrain and the helicopter.


Sound too good to be true? There’s no catch.

Helicopter landing at pad at the base of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

We’re just a small, family-run company with 45 years of experience, creating a niche that wasn’t there before.

Less overhead, small team of veterans, a program designed around what WE would want as clients. Think of it as the cloud-based platform, rather than the mega-room full of servers.

Private heli-skiing typically starts around C$2800/person/day and easily goes WAY up from there.

So the bottom line is:

Our packages cost a lot. But they’re worth even more.

When you’re shopping around, comparing packages and prices, ask yourself: are ALL the resources dedicated to our group?

If the answer is no, then our packages give you more.

Exceptional. Simple.


You can get in touch with any questions or to book your seats. Inquiries for 2020 are off and running!



Do you get it?

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