4September 2013

Hello there! Welcome to our new digital home!

We hope you like it. We love it! It’s been our summer project and a big goal for the 2013/14 season. We all know how fast the world of the web moves, so we thought it was high time to refresh our digital space.

We’re psyched to bring you a new platform that showcases the impressive imagery of our heli-skiing adventures, plus makes learning about us and our programs even clearer and simpler.

You may have noticed, too, that we have a completely new logo. It’s been a fun and challenging process, trying to re-imagine Purcell’s identity for the present and future, and we’re so pleased with the final design.

We know it may be an adjustment to some of our long-time friends, but we hope you’ll embrace the new look – the people and the service behind it are still going to be the same. Soon enough all those T shirts and stickers with the old logo will be collectors’ items!

Another step up with the new site will be how we stay connected with you. This blog will be a place to share what’s going on with Purcell, whether that’s a contest, promotion or new program, or to share great stories and funny personal moments that are worth sharing.

We’ll also be bringing you a behind-the-scenes series for those of you that want to know more of how heli-skiing works, what to expect, and how to get the most out of your adventure.

To stay connected with that which is beyond words (for those of you rendered speechless – it’s okay, it happens), Instagram is joining our social roster too.

So welcome! Have a look around. Get in touch. Hope to see you this winter.


p.s. That great photo was a killer entry from last season’s photo/video contest – a top contender that we couldn’t believe didn’t make it into the winnings. Just had to give it some more exposure. Adam Christopher, we love this photo, and thank you for sharing it! Rudi says ‘Hey’!