15November 2016

Heli-Skiing’s F Word

There is an f-word that is essential to making sure you have a great heli-skiing experience. We strongly believe it’s what you should be looking for before you commit to a trip.

And no, not that f-word…

When it comes to heli-skiing, the f-word that matters is FLEXIBILITY.

There’s several ways an operator can build in flexibility to make for the best possible guest experience, but today I want to focus on one in particular:


Unless you’ve hand-picked everyone in your heli (and sometimes even if you have), grouping is always a bit of a surprise. From nerves to fitness, technique and experience, people are somewhere on a spectrum, in different combinations, and too big a gap will leave you waiting or rushed, instead of flowing and high-fiving. Not ideal.

It’s many people’s number one concern before booking, and trust me, we hear you.

Though all heli-skiers and riders ought to have solid skills, frankly, a request is no guarantee.


What you need, powder-loving friends, is the power of flexibility!

Custom Group Heli-Skiing means if harmony and group flow does not find you by default, we’ll make it happen. A group of nine guests can become sub-groups of five and four, six and three or eight and one.

Because we guarantee three guides per group, we can split up as soon as we see an issue, to allow two different paces to co-exist, rather than forcing everyone to ski as fast as the slowest skier.

Flexibility built in means variables aren’t dealbreakers. It means better value. More awesome.

After more than 40 years working in the backcountry, we know no two days are exactly alike. That’s part of the adventure, and why it’s endlessly fresh and exciting. If you bring flexibility to that environment, you win.

Ready for more awesome this winter? Get in touch and start planning your best pow day yet.



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Main photo: Claire Dibble