2July 2019

Get the Free Guide: Your price comparison cheat sheet

You may have noticed: It is NOT easy to compare all the different heli-skiing packages you can buy out there.

Small group, smaller group, runs, vertical metres, private, semi-private, lodging, no frills, unlimited, single-day, multi-day….

Yikes. Can we just break it down and compare clearly?


I’ve been talking to people about this stuff for ten years now.

The struggle is real.

They’re all trying to do the same thing: get a handle of what they should even ask about. What makes these packages different from one another – and how are those things are going to affect their experience?

For years I’ve been trying to make The Ultimate Master Spreadsheet, where everything would be broken down in a nice apples-to-apples comparison.

I…… couldn’t do it.

Whatever’s the digital version of the waste paper basket filled with crumpled false-starts? That’s all I made.

It just ISN’T apples to apples out there.

View from the front seat of a heli-skiing chopper

So. I got smarter, to help you spend smarter.

Instead of giving you the fish, I’m teaching you how to fish. I’ll show you how to make sense of the variability, since we can’t smooth it out.

I made a guide for you that

  • Lays out the key factors that will affect the pricing of a heli-ski package – the variables that make one option pricier or less pricey than another.
  • Is easy-to-read with some snazzy visuals.
  • Makes it clear what to ask as you’re shopping, and what’s at stake for each.

And perhaps my favourite part:

  • Includes a chart to sum up what you find, so you can share something simple and clear with your buddies, instead of translating notes scribbled on the back of an envelope into a long and time-consuming email thread.
Because when I’m shopping for something, what I really want to understand is the trade-off. I don’t mind paying more if I know I’m GETTING more.

Especially if I can distinguish between the things that matter to me, and the things that, meh, don’t so much.

Why does this trip cost more than that one? This will show you why.


Click the image below or you can download it right here. No sign-up required.

Heli-Skiing Pricing Guide

Still have questions about packages, pricing or anything else? No worries. Get in touch anytime, and I’ll get back to you in a flash.




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