17October 2017

Fresh powder sticks for 17/18: Blizzard

You may know Blizzard best from the race podium, but if you haven’t already, it’s time to get to know them in the backcountry.

We’re stoked to be welcoming Blizzard to our pow ski line-up for this winter. After a season of testing, the excitement and enthusiasm was at record levels. The verdict: holy shit those are nice skis.

The all-new Rustler and the Zero G will be joining our fleet to start. Both these skis deliver everything we love: simple and solid performance, versatile, lively feel and no fancy gimmicks that just distract from what a ski needs to be.

rustlerThe Blizzard Zero G powder skis, lightweight and dynamic, available complimentary to all heli-ski guests

These are top-notch freeride sticks for committed skiers. We’re in.

A partnership with Blizzard/Tecnica, with Jeff as a proud ambassador, makes sense from every angle. They’re a family of skiers working to take you places you never thought possible. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Their brand is driven by quality over quantity, a legacy of great skiing and skiers, and the pure passion for the spot. There’s great satisfaction when you can align with companies whom you admire from their products all the way to their mission.

The view through the tips of a pair of Blizzard powder skis poised at the top of a pitch of perfect powder in the glades, with a helicopter waiting at the bottom

If we see you this winter, we highly recommend you give these freshies a try. There was a lot of guide ‘WAHOOOO-ing’ last winter. You might want to see what all the fuss is about.

The new stuff isn’t all the gear we carry though! Check out more info about heli-ski and heli-board equipment here.



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