3September 2013

Enter our 40th Birthday Contest: You could win a trip for two!

You’re too far away to share birthday cake with, so we’re running a giveaway contest to celebrate instead!

This winter season, we’ll be celebrating 40 years of Purcell Heli-Skiing. Time flies when you’re having fun, Rudi will tell you.

In prepping this new site, the new logo, and reflecting on 40 years of fun, we’ve been recounting standout days in our memories and listening to Rudi’s highlight stories (he’s got a LOT of them).

So, in that same spirit, we’ve decided to ask you for your stories, your highlights. They don’t need to be long, or anything that’ll win a top prize for literature, but we do want this contest to be inspired by the EPIC days we’ve had on our downhill gear. It’s time to re-live some memories!

To enter, for a chance to win a FREE DAY FOR TWO on the 5-RUN CLASSIC PROGRAM, tell us:

  • Your name
  • Your email (so we can keep in touch and tell you if you’re the winner!)
  • A paragraph or two describing your most memorable day or trip on your skis or board

If your entry is inspiring, entertaining, or just plain amazing, heli-skiing for you and a friend is on us. Simple as that.

The contest will be open to entries until October 15th. Then we’ll announce the winner and share their epic story right here on the blog for everyone to enjoy.

We can’t wait to hear about your best day out! Don’t wait. Get in there!