14September 2015

El Niño is coming… or is it?

Fall is here and the winter weather predictions are in full force.

“It’s going to be the deepest winter since ’72…. it’s going to be warm and wet….. real winter will be here three weeks early…. it’s going to be the coldest winter we’ve seen in years. ”

The hype can be fun, but what can you count on?

It’ll be amazing. How do we know?

Here’s the thing: it’s easy to get a little spoiled when you live in the Interior of B.C. But even in a so-called mediocre year, we’re really talking various shades of awesome.

We’re surrounded by millions of acres of untouched backcountry powder. It’s a vast wilderness inhabited by the relatively few and awesomely enthused. The powder is light or really-freaking-light.

We’ve seen a lot of predictions, and a lot of winters. Bring it. It’s gonna be fun.

Because no matter how the weather shakes out, there will be skiers and riders here, making it their best winter ever.


If you’re thinking about heli-skiing with us this winter, two things:

1. A lot of early birds already got their worm. DON’T WAIT! Dates in February and early March are already filling up, so get in touch and get your seat. You can check with us about availability here.

2. If your home currency is USD or CHF, should you be psyched or what? The Canadian dollar has been dropping, which means your hard-earned cash will go farther than ever. Single-day rate of C$1175 currently turns into $885 USD or 885CHF. The timing is right. Grab your toque and come heli-skiing in Canada.


Let the hype continue! Winter is coming!

– Katie