20December 2019

Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

Please don’t tell anyone, but…

This year Jeff and I realized we’re finally getting old enough to need time bookmarks.

Do you use these too?

It’s when you’re trying to remember when something happened, and you know the best you’re gonna be able to do is a vague target between memorable events:

… it was after we built the house, but before we got the dog.

… it was after we got married, but before our nephew was born.

… it was after you got stung by all those bees and had swollen Popeye forearms for a week, but before I abandoned you at a Mexican gas station.

(What can I say, landmarks come in all shapes and sizes.)

Large or small, weird or common, they’re points on our timeline where life changed, or you logged something away for the future. A lesson learned, a new perspective gained.

For us, the latest one is everything since we embraced a purely private, small-group program, leaning into everything that makes us us, and focusing all our expertise on delivering an outstanding experience for just a few people at a time.

We’re in the business of standing out on your timeline.

For 45 years, people have been telling us:

There’ll be everything before, and everything after.

Come to think of it, it should really come with a warning:

Heli-skiing may result in difficulty returning to frontcountry terrain with the same level of satisfaction and/or cause feelings of intense joy and uncontrolled laughter followed by persistent and all-consuming desire to repeat the experience. Financial planning is strongly advised.

A new year is approaching. A new decade too.

What will be the next thing you do that you’ll remember forever?


Want to know what ‘everything after’ feels like? Check out the availability calendars to see what seats are still available here.






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