22August 2017

Do you want a vacation, or an adventure?

Mmmmm, margaritas by the pool.

Hammock swinging, boat cruising, patio-lingering, lose-track-of-time time.
When your biggest task of the day is trying to get all the sand off your shorts. (Give up quickly. Sand always wins.)

It’s so good. Vacation time.

We come back from vacations with a little extra tranquillllo in our step, refreshed, rested, maybe a little sunburnt, but better equipped to roll back into the demands of real life.

We love vacations. We all need them sometimes, and we deserve them.

But when the routine needs a shake-up, and you need to recharge, a vacation isn’t always what we’re seeking.

We set out for a vacation when we need to unwind, to catch up with loved ones, to take a break. What makes you set out on an adventure is something a little different.

Vacations should be smooth and feel effortless, since it’s all about easy living. Quality time, no agenda.

Adventures, though, feel a little rougher. A little less predictable. There are unknowns. There are ups and downs and some fear and some adrenaline – it stretches us and draws us somewhere new.

A lone skier is shown on an intimidating ridge in the alpine with a vast bowl of untouched mountain terrain behind

Adventures make you say “Can you believe we just did that!?!” while your hair is blown straight back, senses on full tingle, having broken a sweat and probably a few rules.

It’s a recharge that’s more like drinking from a fire hose versus sipping from a coconut.

Adventures are overwhelmingly FUN. They fill our wells and our zest for life. They help us remember how important it is to get outside our comfort zones.

The surprises and wrong turns, along with the triumphs and slam dunks, will turn into stories you’ll tell forever.

Who are you after an adventure? Did you re-define what you’re capable of? Were you unsure, and stepped forward anyway? Did you figure it out along the way? Did it feel somehow primal, and simple, and yet it had your FULL attention?

Pass me that margarita (I’ll hold it for you, promise). Ready for an adventure?

It might transform you. We recommend it highly.

Check out this adventure. Or this one, if you have a few friends that are as crazy as you. Then send us an email and let’s get this story started!



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