28February 2020

Do it for the kids

When I was twelve years old, I dreamed of having the power to upend every routine in my life.

Bedtime? Watch me sail past it.

Pajamas all day? Talk to me.

Breakfast for dinner? Don’t care what you say. Feels so right.

How about skiing on a school day? Well, I didn’t ski as a kid, but Jeff said this was pretty much all he was dreaming about.

(Breakfast for dinner was a close second though – that one has strangely universal appeal.)

Like every kid, since the beginning of time, I wanted access to that grown-ups only club called FREEDOM.

Because no matter what specific things I was looking forward to about being an adult (driving, having my own money, staying up late), it all came down to one concept: the ability to what you wanted, when you wanted.

Do you remember when that was the holy grail you were after?

Or do you still feel like you’re chasing it?

snowboarder in deep powder heli skiing

The grown-up world may not feel as all-powerful as we once imagined. Maybe the simplicity of having fewer choices to figure out seems appealing now, looking back.

But if the twelve-year-old you was looking at you now, wouldn’t they still be wide-eyed at how much you can do if you want to?

Like going heli-skiing, for instance?

And sure, maybe you’re worried you can’t find the time, can’t rally the friends, can’t know what kind of winter it will be.

But I can assure you, every day this season, six people climb into our chopper who at some point overcame those very same hesitations.

And the only thing they regret is not doing it sooner.

It’s your choice (finally). You know the kid in you will be glad you did.


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