17December 2018

December Conditions Report In Photos

Winter kept us all in suspense this year.

Through the fall, it snowed, sure, but it didn’t really stack up very quickly. Across the province, everyone was nervously watching the forecasts, thinking ‘well, let’s go already!’

Then, BOOM.

The Purcells got hit with 120 cm (that’s over a METRE, or FOUR FEET) of storm snow inside a week.

So, clearly, we had to go see for ourselves.

Skier walks an uptrack in low light on a ridge

The storm pulses kept coming, and conditions that were ‘on-their-way-but-not-awesome’ transformed within 48 hours into EPIC conditions.

Heli ski guide turns through the trees in deep powder

Skier makes a lone track down an alpine face in the bc backcountry

Heli skier turns in blower powder conditions with faceshots

The radio update from Jeff on only the second day of the storm was:


Heli ski guide charges through waist deep powder in the bc backcountry

So, the question “How is the snow stacking up so far early season?” has a resounding answer.

DEEP. And only getting deeper.

Skier does a high speed turn in untouched powder in december conditions


Want to try it for yourself? There’s still seats open on December 27 and January to get after some of that famous bottomless blower. Get in touch!

Punch line? GAME ON, WINTER.


P.S. These stunning shots are courtesy of Cole Pellerin, A.K.A. Mountain Man Cole.

If you’ve got your own group booked, you can have him along to take some pro photos of the day. More info on that here.



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