10June 2014

What is Custom Group Heli-Skiing?

The most common hesitation people have around joining a heli-ski group is this:

“Will I be grouped with people of the same ability? Will this day go at my pace, or someone else’s?”

Good question. Makes a big impact on the value you get from the experience, right? Will the investment be worth it to you if you’re stuck waiting on others, or being rushed along uncomfortably?

Probably not to the degree it should be. Hence the hesitation.

So what do you do about it? Pre-screen people and group them by matching ability, right?


You’d be surprised how difficult this really is. We try, we really do. But the straight-up truth (we’re not shy about that around here) is that a conversation just can’t produce consistent results, no matter how skeptical and nosy we get.

Some people describe themselves as intermediate and turn out to be experts. Sometimes it’s the other way around. Vague vocabulary, relative global standards, modesty or confidence – it’s all in the mix and makes for quite a mix in the heli.

Until we get out there, group ability is simply a question mark.

If you have only one guide per group, everyone skis at the pace of the slowest skier. It’s the only option for a guide whose primary job is to keep everyone is safe. Back to that fear at the top… realized.

Custom Group Heli-Skiing goes at your pace. Our program adapts to you.

Our innovative approach is unique in the industry, allowing for in-the-field group customization by participant ability.

  • Three guides and nine guests split up by ability once in the ski terrain to form mini-groups.
  • Faster guests go ahead, slower guests don’t get rushed.
  • Up and away! No waiting at the bottom for the next run for those well ahead.
  • A 1:3 guide-to-guest ratio creates a small-group feel and atmosphere.

Key results for you: value you can count on, high-end customer care, emphasis on safety, same relaxed fun-focused vibe.

Considering a heli-ski trip next winter? Always been worried about how the group dynamic will affect how much you’ll enjoy it? Go Custom and worry no more. Check out rates and more details here.



Do you get it?

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