7July 2020

COVID-19 Booking Policy for Winter 2021



The payment schedule

Seats are guaranteed with a deposit of C$500/person/day.

Balance of payment is due four weeks prior to your trip start date.


The cancellation policy

Booking deposits are fully refundable up to four weeks before your trip, no questions asked.

Within four weeks, having paid the final balance, if you have to cancel your trip to comply with COVID-19 related border, travel or quarantine restrictions, 100% of your payment will be available as a credit for a future tour or refunded.

Otherwise, once the final balance is paid, if no restrictions prevent your travel to participate in your tour, and you choose to cancel your trip, our regular cancellation policy will apply, which means the entire payment would be non-refundable.

As always, please get the best travel insurance you can buy to cover you if you have to cancel for other reasons!


The peace of mind

We all know that the global situation could change a great deal before the heli lifts off with the first group. Hopefully, it will change for the better.

That means that what we’re dealing with, and how best to deal with it, is hard to fully predict right now.

The straight up truth is that our policy may have to be updated or fine tuned in the future to adapt to where we’re at.

Before any guest locks in a final payment, the latest situation, terms and expectations will be laid out clearly based on what we all know then. You will have full freedom to cancel or credit your deposit for a future date.

What won’t change is if you can’t get here because of COVID, we got you.


So why book ahead?

You likely will be able to book shorter notice than normal this winter – that’s a good thing. Flexibility is something we all need this year!

But the most popular dates will still be competitive. To make sure you save yourself a seat, absolutely risk-free until four weeks ahead, we want to make it easy to book with confidence.

Check out package options for 2021 here.


What we’re doing to keep you safe

Please click here to see what tours will look like in 2021 – what will be different, how we’re adjusting, and how all the good stuff will still be the same.






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