25October 2016

Conditions Check! October Turns Report.

It’s almost time to go skiing. I know we say it all summer, but now, really, it’s close.

And it was time, for a staff crew this past weekend, who could no longer resist going to see for themselves how much snow had fallen and how coverage was coming along. You can see the I.MUST.GO.SKIING fire in their eyes. It’s been a VERY good fall for cold temps and precip, and we all know what that translates to up in the mountains.

A playground that looks like this:


It’s a beautiful sight to see, especially in mid-October.

Below tree line is already holding a nice layer of 60 cm, and carrying more like tight coastal pack rather than Rockies sugar. Base layers are super important in the Interior, and this one is looking mighty fine.

They toured for three days, enjoyed plenty of early season obs and some creamy powder skiing. Nothing but s***-eating grins all around. It’s early, but it’s always amazing just to be out there, getting familiar with the winter each layer at a time.


And don’t worry, if you’re feeling some pangs of jealousy at these guys getting to ski so early, take a look at how a couple of their bases survived:


Yep, there’s still a few rocks pretty close to the surface. Bah. Off to the shop for those ones. They’ll be performing for well over a hundred days yet!

– Katie