3December 2019

Q&A: When do the deepest days happen?

Okay, one thing to clarify at the top: When you’re asking me ‘when will it be deepest?’ you’re usually not referring to how deep the overall snowpack is, i.e. how much snow has piled up so far over the season. If you did ask me that, you’d get a simple answer: it’s[...]

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4November 2019

Q&A: What decides what kind of terrain we’ll ski?

Every day in the backcountry is different. Our commitment is to find you the best possible backcountry skiing and riding given what Mother Nature serves up. Wondering what factors affect terrain choice on a given day?   Visibility If we can’t see it, we can’t get to it. Good visibility is crucial for the pilot[...]

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7October 2019

Q&A: What does the ‘private’ in private heli-skiing actually mean?

If you’re just realizing you don’t know the answer to this one, you’re definitely not alone. Private definitely sounds good, of course, but what is it actually referring to? This term isn’t used consistently across the industry, so it’s no wonder it can leave all of us a little confused. _______ The typical,[...]

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10September 2019

Q&A: Where exactly are you and how do I get there?

Whenever I’m looking to travel somewhere, one of the first things I do is look at a map. I want to get a lay of the land – where everything is in relation to everything else, and what will be my route to get there. There are a LOT of ski[...]

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